It's The Birthday Bitch For Me


This Listing is for ONE (1) "IT'S THE BIRTHDAY BITCH FOR ME " banner.

This banner is available in 2 different sizes:
-Mini: 3 inch tall letters
-Standard: 5 inch tall letters- approximately 70 inches long depending on how far apart you space the letters

PLEASE NOTE: The mini banner is just that, MINI. It is designed to decorate a very small space. If you are looking for your banner to be the main attraction, we strongly suggest selecting the standard size. Don't be cheap friend! <3


Available in over 20 different colors. Text colors shown are black glitter and hot pink glitter. The banner will be glitter on the front side and white on the back.


On a budget? No problem! The banner is available as DIY for you to string it yourself, or you can select to have it pre- strung. For the DIY option we will provide you with instructions and twine , and for the Pre-strung option the banner will arrive ready to hang!

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