Say Buh-Bye To Boring Party Supplies. Periodt.  

We’re on a mission to inspire the world to party unapologetically, one piece of statement décor at a time. A woman- and black-owned business, Ninalem’s Party was birthed out of a need for stylish, bold party décor with mindful representation. So, if you’d rather your cake topper read "Birthday Bitch" instead of "Happy Birthday", welcome to the (Ninalem's) Party! 

Our party supplies add a dash of trendiness — and a whole lotta fun to any celebration. From blow-out birthday bashes to bachelorette parties with your girls, we'll revolutionize the way you party! We hope you enjoy your décor as much as we enjoy making it!

Our Mission Is Simple, Party Unapologetically: 

We're here to smash the stigma surrounding twerking and getting ratchet with your crew on the weekends!  Listen, we can be moms, doctors, lawyers, academics, etc. and still bust it wide open. Our desire to turn up and have a good time does not take away from our accomplishments. If you need to code switch it's because you choose to, not because you are afraid to show up as your authentic self.

We have 5 core beliefs:

1) Everyone deserves to see themselves represented in party decor, no matter who they are.

2) Partying is self-care.

3) Boring party supplies should be illegal.

4)You can be educated, a mom, etc and still throw that thang in a circle.

5) You are allowed to show up as your authentic self in all spaces. If you decide to code-switch, its because you choose to not because you have to. 

Meet The CPO (Chief Party Officer)

Hey Friend!

I'm Kureé, a former bakery owner turned party boss! In 2016, I quit my corporate job to open a bakery in the second largest shopping mall in NJ. At our highest point, we operated 2 locations with 12 employees. In 2018, the business failed horribly and I lost everything. As I tearfully closed the doors to my first baby, I  vowed I would never own another business again. Well you know how they say "make plans and watch God laugh"? Yea, that happened. In August 2019, God put this crazy idea on my heart, and I started my company Ninalem's Party as a joke. The rest is history! The world fell in love with our Twerk Party Supplies and within the first year of business we rose to top 1% Etsy sellers and were featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Brides, NY Mag and more.

I always say that Ninalem's is my inner 21 year old college girl, just itching to get out. Ninalem's is literally my WHY. I wake up everyday excited to party with each and every one of you by way of our stylish, bold, and unapologetic products.I founded Ninalem's because every time I visited mainstream party supply stores, the decor was boring, nothing represented me, and none of the models on the packaging looked like me. It is my core belief that everyone deserves to be represented in party decor no matter who they are, and Ninalem's Party is here to make that happen. So kick your shoes off and let's get this party started friend! 




Ninalem's Party 

Handmade in the USA 

 All of our cake and treat toppers, confetti, banners, straws etc are handmade right here at our studio in Wall, NJ by an amazing team of women. We take time to carefully source our materials from suppliers we trust so that you get a great quality product. Only the best for our Nina Baes!